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1) Can I buy direct from the factory?

No, we are a wholesale manufacturer and sell only through retail stores. Please visit our retailer page on this site to locate a retailer near you.

2) What if I can not find a retailer in my area?

Most of our retailers would be happy to take an order over the phone. We also have a couple of our retailers who travel to Horse Shows, check back often to see when the next time they’ll be in your area.

3) How can I become an Olathe retailer?

You must have a legitimate retail store, a clear credit history, a good purchasing history and place a minimum opening order of forty pair or more.

4) How do Olathe boots compare in price to other boots?

Olathe Boots are mid range priced boots.

Boot Fitting

1. You should have to stand and give a firm pull to get the boot on, if top (throat) size is correct.

2. After the boot is on your foot, the fit around the instep should be snug, but not tight.

3. The ball (widest part) of the foot should fit in the widest part of the boot.

4. The Final Check — Stand and step forward hard into the boot.
The ends of your toes should NOT touch the sides of the boot.